I’K Fermentation Felipe Contreras


We taste: strawberry, hibiscus, lime 

producer: felipe contreras 

Region: antigua, guatemala 

Altitude: 1850m 

Variety: caturra 

Process: chili yeast inoculated 72hr carbonic maceration 


Roasters notes:  I visited Felipe and his farm, Finca Gascón, this past April after hearing about his unique coffees, and recent Koji experiments.  The farm, only about 50 acres, sits entirely on a steep mountain side accessed by a switchback dirt road cut into the mountain.  At its highest point, the farm is at a staggering 1900m – an elevation reserved for their Gesha forest. 

Felipe focuses on regenerative agriculture practices, and creates his own natural fertilizers by fermenting plants found on the mountain. 

Partnering with Jordan Cucuy, a certified Q grader and fermentation expert, they are pushing the boundaries of creative processing.  This particular lot, named “I’K”, the Kaqchikel word for chili, was inoculated with yeast from a bell pepper.  It then underwent a 72 hour carbonic maceration process, where the cherries are crushed under their own weight in sealed tanks. The idea for an I’K process was a nod to Guatemalan gastronomy that uses chili’s and peppers in many of their dishes. 

This coffee is juicy, elegant, and loaded with wonderful red berry flavors with complex and delicate floral notes.  High Bank imported this lot directly, and purchased all of it, so you won’t find this coffee anywhere else!