Edwin Noreña Sidra Black Honey


We taste: Lavender, rosemary, hard candy

producer: edwin noreña

Region: quindio 

Altitude: 1550m

Variety: sidra

Process: black honey


Roasters notes:  I’ve had a few of Edwin’s coffees on the menu over the past couple years, and every one of them is on another level – not surprising given his processing expertise as an agroindustrial engineer.  Last summer, Edwin’s Sidra floored us all with its intense lavender like flavors and cleanliness.  It was a shining example of processing used to highlight a varietals inherent flavors rather than mask them. 

This year it’s back, and just as good.  I’ve been keeping this one behind the scenes, offering it to our wholesale partners for a couple of months now, but it’s time to release it to all of you!  This is lovely coffee, and if I were to look closely at the differences between this season and last’s, I would say this years has more complexity in the sweet rosemary realm.  It’s still a lavender bomb, though, and with all of the mouth watering juiciness you remember.