Carlos Roldán Finca Siquem Guatemala


We taste: orange, chocolate pudding, nutmeg

producer: carlos roldán 

Region: los mixcos, fraijanes, guatemala 

Altitude: 1400-1700m

Variety: marsellesa, caturra, catuaí

Process: washed 


Roasters notes:  High above Guatemala City to the East is the small municipality of Los Mixcos, and the Roldán family farm Finca Siquem.  Beneath flowering shade trees, Carlos grows Caturra, Marsellesa, Catuaí, and Pacamara at the farm’s highest elevations. 

During my visit this past April, we sample roasted their available lots while sipping on Ron Zacapa rum and sharing in great conversation, humor, and of course all things coffee.  At the cupping table the next day, the coffees were stellar.  A testament to the Roldáns’ passion for coffee and exquisite processing and drying methods. 

I am proud to be able to feature this coffee, their washed field blend, and more of their coffees in the future!  This coffee is comfort in a cup, juicy orange at the front that quickly fades to a long, rich chocolate finish that’s nuanced by spices like nutmeg.  I can, and will, drink this coffee everyday throughout the fall and cooler months.