Ethiopia Melese Wolde


We taste: blood orange, white peach, honeysuckle 

producer: melese wolde 

Region: sidama bensa shantawane

Altitude: 2250m

Variety: heirloom 74158

Process: natural 


Roasters notes:  Ethiopia season here in the states seems to arrive right as summer ends, and to be frank, I’m not always feeling a jasmine lemonade tasting Ethiopian as we begin our descent into the colder months.  When a sample of Melese Wolde’s coffee arrived a few weeks ago, I knew I had to have it on the menu.  

It keeps one foot in summer with some juicy blood orange-esque flavors, while keeping another foot in the colder seasons with its deep honeysuckle sweetness and creamy body.  Theres plenty of complexity to find here, which is no surprise given Melese Wolde’s award winning past as a coffee producer.  

While this is the monthly coffee for September, it will be a menu staple well into the fall.  Take your time with this coffee and enjoy a stunning example from the birthplace of coffee.