Felipe Contreras Koji Processed Gesha (Wholesale)

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I visited Felipe and his farm, Finca Gascón, in Guatemala this past April after hearing about his unique coffees, and recent Koji experiments. His roughly 50 acre farm sits entirely on a steep mountain side accessed by a switchback dirt road cut into the mountain. At its highest point, the farm is at a staggering 1900m – an elevation reserved for their Gesha forest.

Felipe's Gesha is a wonderful example of the varietal, showcasing the intense floral flavors it's famous for.

This particular lot underwent a multi stage fermentation. The harvested cherry is first put in valved barrels for 24 hours, then pulped and left to ferment in piles for an additional 12 hours. Monitoring the brix and PH, it's finally moved to African style raised beds where Koji spores are introduced. In a 40 degree celsius greenhouse environment, the Koji sporulates and spreads on the coffee for 48 hours before being exposed to direct sunlight to pause the process.

Koji is high in catalytic enzymes including amylase, which converts starch into simple sugars, allowing more fermentable sugars to be present during fermentation.

Due to the hybrid washed process, this coffee remains incredibly clean and simultaneously highlights varietal and process without being overly "fermenty" in the cup.

Expect a sparkling bright acidity, intense white florals, stone fruit, and a lingering complex sweetness. I'm proud to have two of Felipe's coffees on the menu, both of which were imported directly!