Sumatra Jagong Jeget Natural


We taste: Watermelon, fruit loops, rum 

producer: Family farms organized around the Gayo lauser antara coop

Region: jagong jeget, aceh province, sumatra

Altitude: 1500-1600m

Variety: tim tim, ateng super, bourbon, typica

Process: raised bed natural 

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Roasters notes:  I have had a love for Sumatra Naturals ever since I experienced their wonderful fruitiness, complexity, and “funk”.  Good funk, though.  Good in the way that funky natural wines can be.  This coffee is no different, heavy fruit notes dominate the cup, and loads of complexity await your every sip.  This is adventurous coffee.  Unconventional processing methods for the region combine with a mix and match of varietals for a truly unique experience.  There’s a sweet booziness in this coffee that reminds me of rum, bringing dimension and body to an otherwise fruit bomb of a coffee.  Grind finer for higher extractions if you’re looking for tropical fruit punch, grind a little coarser if you want more clarity and a not so heavy brew.