Sidra Edwin Noreña


We taste: lavender, glacé cherry 

producer: Edwin noreña

Region: quindío, finca campo hermoso

Altitude: 1550-1600m

Variety: sidra

Process: anaerobic natural; 56 hours in cherry, 48 hours after dry pulp, dried on raised beds for 15 days


Roasters notes: This coffee is a shining example of what the future looks like. Varietal development that increases bio diversity, and a perfectly executed fermentation process that highlights the varietal rather than masking it. The Sidra varietal was originally discovered / engineered in Ecuador, where its reputation as being Gesha like soon spread to Colombia.
Edwin Noreña, the producer, is a third-generation coffee producer, agro-industrial engineer, Q-Grader, Cup of Excellence judge, consultant and educator from Quindío, Colombia. His fermentation process here involves an anaerobic fermentation in cherry for 56 hours, followed by another 48 hour fermentation after dry pulping, then drying on raised beds. 

The result?  A coffee unlike any we have experienced before.  A lavender bomb.  Intensely floral in the best way imaginable, with an aroma that can be smelled across the room upon grinding.  The Gesha like floral notes present in a less herbaceous way, and in a more lavender simple syrup kind of way.  Intensely sweet, candied cherries linger on the palate.  It’s summer in a cup!  This is a glimpse of the future of coffee, where innovation is celebrated and a sustainable, producer focused industry, is made reality.