Mexico La Pluma De Lachao


We taste: Milk, Chocolate covered almond, White peach

Grower: UNECAFE, headed by Joaquin Santana

Region: Oaxaca, Sierra Sur

Altitude: 1700-1900m

Variety: Pluma, Mundo Novo (less than 10%)

Process: Washed

Certifications: Organic


Roasters notes: I’m so excited to have another Pluma from Oaxaca on the menu for the winter months. Pluma, a type of Typica, received its name from Pluma Hidalgo, a small village in the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range. Translated from Spanish, Pluma means feather, referring to the way clouds feather over the mountains when coastal breezes blow in.

The varietal is a true underdog in the specialty coffee world, and producers continue to push for Denomination of Origin status for it. Pluma is easily recognizable by the intense creaminess and milk like quality, and when grown at higher elevations, fruit and florals. A winning combination to say the least. This Pluma is no different – rich lactic milk notes mingle with chocolate and almonds with white peach ever present in the background to bring balance to the cup.
Farm details: This Pluma comes from 48 member co-op UNECAFE in the Sierra Sur mountain range. From the importer, Crop to Cup: “The group’s success is apparent – since forming in the early 90s, members have grown to have an average of 5 hectares per person, each hectare of which produces
800-1200 pounds of export grade coffee (3-4 times the average). This is due to aggressive organic practices, constant pruning, and the continual investment in new trees. This is the heart of La Pluma, and there is pride that comes with planting this specific varietal.”