Kenya Giakanja


We taste: Chocolate, currant, grapefruit

Grower: Giakanja Coffee Farmers Society

Region: Nyeri

Altitude: 1705-1800m

Variety: SL28 (90%), SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11

Process: Washed


Roasters notes: This Kenya is the first Kenyan coffee we have offered. Not for lack of wanting though- Kenya is an origin that can blow your mind, but it takes a little digging to find those really special coffees. This one hails from the Nyeri region and has all the wonderful attributes that just scream “Kenya” to me. Incredible sweetness couples with high acidity to make a cup that is very hard to put down. You can expect to taste jammy dark fruits like currant, chocolate, and just mild hints of grapefruit which come off more like “bitter citrus” to me, in the most pleasant way. It is worth noting that this coffee is dense, so when brewing in pour over I recommend grinding a bit finer than you normally would to get the luscious effervescence this coffee has to offer. Also, due to its density and our light roast, it ages very well. In fact, I prefer it more 1 week+ off roast.
Farm details: This coffee comes from the Giakanja Coffee Farmers Society in Nyeri, Kenya. From the importer, Crop to Cup: “As we sit in the office we see a map that shows the entire catch basin – where the 1,200 members are all traveling from to deliver cherry. Peter can show us cherry receipts in a log, and Giakanja is paying significantly more than other coops we visited in the area. In 2018 they boasted the highest premiums of any group in the central highlands.

There are public charts that track sale prices of their crops, and payments back to farmers. Good records means transparency for farmers, and transparency for farmers engenders trust for the membership – but also for us. They keep 12% of the parchment price for the coop – where we often see that number closer to 20%. Peter the Chairman, has been consistently at the helm and communicates confidently and in a timely manner.”