Peru Ramiro Aponte


We taste: Passion fruit, red apple, chocolate

Grower: Ramiro Aponte 

Region: El valor, Tabaconas, San Ignacio, Cajamarca 

Altitude: 1850m 

Variety: Marsellesa, pache

Process: 36 hours in pulp before drying for 16 days on raised beds


Roasters notes: This late harvest single producer micro lot is a fresh arrival, and just in time to fill the gap of a daily drinker on our menu!  Ramiro Aponte grows this coffee on his farm El Zapote in northern Cajamarca, Peru.  No crazy varietals or processing methods with this one – just really good coffee that supports really good people in coffee.  This coffee is chuggable, and if you prefer a little more juicy acidity on the daily you’ll love this coffee!  On the front of the palate you’ll find passion fruit and apple, and on the finish sweet chocolate and dried fruits. Try it in a flat bottom brewer to enhance those zesty passion fruit notes.