Mexico Sicobi


We taste: blueberry cobbler, lemon, honey

producer: 6 communities organized by sicobi

Region: oaxaca, sierra sur 

Altitude: 1300-1900m

Variety: typica, caturra, mundo novo

Process: washed, fermented in wooden tanks


Roasters notes:  I’ve always been fond of coffees from Oaxaca – in fact, the first coffee High Bank sold out of was from the same region. A mixture of a unique microclimate due to the proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and regional genetics from Typica mutations, makes for a profile that I don’t find in other regions of the country. 

Six communities organized by SICOBI (Community System for Protecting and Managing Biodiversity), contributed to this lot. 

What a delicious coffee!  Due to the microclimate, and the use of wooden tanks to ferment the coffee, this coffee exhibits big fruit notes in the form of berries and citrus, with an incredible sweetness that reminds me of Kenyan coffees.  Perfectly balanced and sweet, it’s the perfect daily drinker.