We taste: guava, grapefruit, chocolate

producer: Lucinéia 

Region: piatã, Brazil

Altitude: 1280m

Variety: red catuaí

Process: natural 


Roasters notes:  In the world of specialty coffee, Brazil has long been considered the origin of nutty, low acidity coffees, relegated to espresso and blends.  This coffee, and others considered to be part of Brazil’s coffee renaissance, challenges that misconception. 

Lucinéia, or Néia, grew up in a coffee farming family, and learned a lot from her grandparents.  She purchased her mothers property and now tends to 4,000 coffee trees with her husband Adielson – together supporting their 5 children.  Coopiatã, the co-op Néia has been a part of for 3 years, says this about her coffee, “Lucinéia’s coffee conveys a story of a lot of struggle and strong energy to make it work.  And that’s why it does.  Humility, affection and respect are characteristics that will stand out in the cup.”

Lucinéia’s coffee is grown in Piatã, a region of Brazil famous for its quality.  High elevation and proximity to the equator means cool nights year round, an optimum environment for coffee.

In the cup I found flavors of guava and ruby red grapefruit.  Something about this coffee’s texture reminds me of drinking capri sun and lemonade, a winning combination to close out the summer.  This is a very special coffee from a very special producer and region and is a true harbinger for whats to come in Brazil.