K’ixji ASOKAPE Guatemala Natural


We taste: grape, sweet cherry, chocolate

producer: asokape co-op

Region: chiquixji, tanchí, guatemala 

Altitude: 1300-1500m

Variety: anacafe 14

Process: natural 


Roasters notes:  It was June of 2022 when I first tasted coffee from ASOKAPE, sourced and imported by Yellow Rooster, at Coffee Fest in Chicago.  It immediately jumped out to me as something unique, and I bought some nearly on the spot to have on the menu here at High Bank.  The more I learned about ASOKAPE, the more I loved their story.

One of my goals this year with High Bank was to focus on an intentional menu.  A menu where I featured coffees I believed in, and had a relationship with.  In April I messaged Joel at Yellow Rooster, “I found some super cheap flights to Guatemala, I’m headed there in two weeks” to which he replied “I’ll come with.”

And so, Joel and I made the 5 hour  journey from Guatemala City to Chiquixji, a small municipality about an hour outside of Cobán. We visited with a few different farmers that contribute their cherries to ASOKAPE, and talked about challenges such as a lack of rain and very cold nights during the growing season this year, but also improvements to their farms to prevent erosion and increase shade. 

More members had joined this year, new processes were being experimented with, and the excitement for the future was palpable among those we talked to.  I’m super excited to continue to feature their coffees here, and I purchased everything they had available for export this year, including their first foray into natural processing.

This natural lot is ASOKAPE’s first – something they did for the sake of experimentation, but also because of the lack of rain this year and the need for water in the standard washed process.  This is a super small lot with limited availability, and exclusively available through High Bank.  This is a sugary sweet natural, that unlike many naturals, could easily be a daily drinker for me. Deep grape sweetness, sweet cherry acidity, and lots of chocolate to round it out.  I’m excited to see more of this type of coffee from them next year, and I know they’re looking to take experimentation to the next level!