Kenya Mahiga Double Fermented


We taste: cherry, red grape, chocolate mousse 

producer: 400 producers organized around the mahiga factory

Region: mumwe, nyeri

Altitude: 1700-1890m

Variety: Sl28, sl34, ruiru 11, batian

Process: double fermentation under water (12-36 hours each time) double washed


Roasters notes: Oh, what a delicious coffee.  Quintessentially “Kenya” in all the best ways.  Experimental fermentations are quite rare in Kenya, so when I saw this double fermentation offering I was intrigued.  The fermentation in this case does not contribute any funk in to the cup, but rather enhances the cleanliness and overall cup characteristics – processing in Kenya is famously meticulous, so this should have been no surprise to me! 

I now have two coffees on the menu with a “cherry” tasting note.  The Gesha, and this Kenya.  With the Gesha, I found a tart and zingy classic cherry flavor, but with this coffee it’s more on the sweet, black cherry end of the spectrum.  Mouth watering, juicy, eat-the-whole-bag and stain yourself with cherry juice sort of cherry.  This coffee has a thick, syrup like body with loads of confectioner sugar sweetness and an undeniable chocolate flavor.  Complexity abounds in the sweetness, so don’t be surprised if you pick up other dessert like flavors!

You can sense my excitement here – this is good coffee, and I’m taking notes now to look for more coffee coming from the Mahiga factory in the future. Expect longer brew times with this coffee, but don’t fret, however you brew it it will be delicious!