Honduras Adalila Argueta SCOBY Fermentation


We taste: apple butter, lemon, toffee

producer: Adalila Argueta, Finca El Naranjo Catracha Coffee

Region: Santa Elena, Honduras

Altitude: 1500m

Variety: Typica, catuai – 2500 plants

Process: Experimental Kombucha-Honey process

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Roasters notes: Last month’s coffee from Bolivia and this month’s coffee from Honduras share a lot of similarities – both woman produced on small farms with similar varietals and elevation, and both using experimental processes.

Adalila has 2 acres and 2500 plants, and up until recently only sold her coffee to local middlemen.  The past couple years she has dedicated to improving soil pH through organic composting, and this year started experimenting with SCOBY during the fermentation process.

SCOBY- Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast – is usually used to make kombucha.  Adalila depulped the coffee and fermented it for 24 hours in barrels with water and SCOBY.  It was then laid out to dry with the mucilage still intact (honey process).

Adalila’s light handed fermentation has resulted in a coffee that has the cleanliness of a washed coffee, with the added bonus of delicate complexity.  In the cup it’s everything you’d expect from Honduras – sweet, syrupy, slightly savory in a good way – yet with depth and nuance that keeps bringing me back for more.  There’s something inexplicably “sparkly” about this coffee that sets it apart, and the combination of juiciness and sweetness is mouth watering.  This coffee thrives in a flat bottom brewer, so break out those Kalita’s, Stagg’s, and batch brewers, and you’ll be in for a treat.