Guatemala ASOKAPE


We taste: golden raisin, mandarin orange, chocolate malt 

producer: 125 members of asokape

Region: chiquixji, alta verapaz

Altitude: 1000-1400m

Variety: anacafe 14 

Process: fully washed 

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Roasters notes: I first tried this coffee at CoffeeFest Chicago through the great folks at Yellow Rooster. It stood out to me then, and continues to impress me now!

Joel and his crew are committed to relationship first coffee, and a few of our coffees (Sidra included) have been sourced through them.  This is their first import from Guatemala, and I couldn’t be more excited to be along for the journey. 

ASOKAPE (association of coffee, “kape” being coffee in the Q’eqchi’ language) is a group of 125 indigenous producers in Chiquixji, Alta Verapaz.  They were introduced to Yellow Rooster through a local university professor who lived and worked in Guatemala for a few years doing economic development.  The group organized in 2002, but due to Coyote buyers it wasn’t sustainable.  In 2015, coffee leaf rust destroyed their trees and it wasn’t until 2018 that they replanted with the Anacafe 14 varietal, a varietal less susceptible to rust.  This is their first international export as a group, and I’m stoked to be featuring it here. 

In the cup, this coffee is juicy like mandarins and sweet like golden raisins.  Chocolate malt notes support the body and bring dimension to the finish.  Chuggable score is 10/10 for me, and I’d venture to say this will be your new favorite daily brew.