Ethiopia Worka-Sakaro Natural


We taste: Raspberry, peach, milk chocolate

producer: Marta Alemu Kanke

Region: worka sakaro, gedeb district

Altitude: 1900-2000m

Variety: indigenous landraces 

Process: raised bed natural

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Roasters notes:  Last month I featured a grade zero washed Ethiopia Worka-Sakaro as the monthly coffee, this month a natural Worka-Sakaro from a single producer; Marta Alemu Kanke.  Why two back to back coffees from Ethiopia?  The processing!  It’s always fun to compare coffees from the same growing region and same varietals, but with different processing methods.  That, and all the fresh Ethiopia arrivals had me craving one, or two as the case may be. 

Single producer lots can be hard to come by in Ethiopia, due in part to limited traceability as a result of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. This coffee comes from Marta’s 6 acre farm, likely the smallest farm in Ethiopia that I’ve had coffee from.  She grew up helping her father farm coffee, but only recently started her own farm and supports her family of 10 with the profits from her farm.

This is a deliciously creamy natural with delicate and complex fruit notes that linger on the palate.  The previous Worka-Sakaro was more acidity driven, and the natural featured here is more texture driven.  I recommend grinding coarser or using a lighter ratio with this coffee in order to fully experience the complexity it has to offer.