Ethiopia Shakiso Gigesa


We taste: peach, white grape, crème brûlée

producer: 500 smallholder farmers

Region: Shakiso, Danbi Uddo Kebele, Shakiso District, Guji Zone, Oromia

Altitude: 1850-2100m

Variety: local heirloom 

Process: washed 


Roasters notes: Exhibiting all of the best attributes that I enjoy from Ethiopia, this is a wonderful washed coffee.  Plenty of complexity in the cup, you can expect a nice peach and white grape juiciness at the front end with a lasting finish of white tea and peach cobbler.  Sweetness abounds in this coffee, and while most Ethiopian coffees are designated as afternoon sippers with their bright citric acidity, this coffee is much more calm and sugar forward, making for a nice all day sipper. 

Pulped cherries are fermented for 36-48 hours prior to being fully washed and dried on raised beds for 10-12 days.  The Gigesa washing station is operated by the Yonis family, and holds NOP and EU organic certifications.