Edwin Noreña Citra Hop Black Honey


We taste: grapefruit, kumquat, white grape juice

producer: edwin noreña, finca campo hermoso 

Region: quindío, colombia

Altitude: 1600m

Variety: red bourbon

Process: fermented with citra hops, dried as black honey 


Roasters notes: Edwin is a master of coffee fermentation, and his innovative techniques simultaneously introduce new flavors without masking the coffee itself.

  He is an agroindustrial engineer by trade with graduate studies in biotechnology, and is known for his use of Mossto – the coffee cherry juice runoff that occurs during fermentation – and using it to control the fermentation of the next batch.  This technique is intended to enhance the coffee’s naturally occurring flavors, and in a recent interview Edwin said, “It was a development that we adapted from the world of wine to enhance the flavors of coffee, always trying to intensify each coffee process using the original coffee flavors.” 

Recently, Edwin has been experimenting with hops in the Mossto during fermentation.  Coffee already borrows a lot of fermentation ideology from the wine world – why not beer?  This particular lot uses Citra hops, a hop known for its citrus aroma and flavors, which elegantly carry over into the cup.  From start to finish, this is an aromatic and delightfully nuanced coffee.  It’s effervescent, and sparkling with flavors of kumquat, grapefruit, and white grape juice.  If you’re on the fence wondering if you’d like a beer-like-coffee, don’t be.  Edwin has perfectly executed the process, and the result is a crowd pleasing coffee that keeps bringing me back for more.