Costa Rica Aquiares Esperanza Red Honey


We taste: orange zest, milk chocolate, heavy cream

producer: Diego Robelo / aquiares estate

Region: Turrialba 

Altitude: 1200m

Variety: Esperanza f1 hybrid

Process: Red honey process, dried in solar dryer for 18-24 days


Roasters notes: This coffee comes from the Aquiares Estate, a carbon neutral farm in Costa Rica that tracks its carbon emissions against its offsets – part of Costa Rica’s Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action.  The farm is situated in lush and biologically rich Turrialba, where the Turrialba volcano remains active and the soil benefits from its nutrients.  

Esperanza is an F1 (first generation) experimental hybrid varietal only grown on the Aquiares estate.  A cross of Sarchimor T-5296 and wild Ethiopia ET-25, this coffee exhibits characteristics of each of its parent varietals in perfect harmony.  A creamy milk chocolate sweetness and body is accompanied by bright orange citrus, a combination that tastes like chocolate bars with orange zest, and it kept me coming back for more!

The varietals name, “Esperanza” translates to English as “hope”, a hope for the future of coffee in a changing climate through experimental varietals.