Congo Tamu Natural


We taste: strawberry, tangerine, sweet

producer: Regroupement des Agriculteurs du Kivu, bwengehera washing station

Region: kabare, south kivu 

Altitude: 1600-1800m

Variety: catimor

Process: natural, dried in the fruit for 12-21 days

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Roasters notes: If you’ve been following High Bank for a while you know that, in what seems like another life, I used to live and work in Congo as a journalist.  It’s a very special place to me, and if it weren’t for my time there I would have never made it into coffee.

This coffee has been in the works for quite some time. In early 2020 I voiced my desire for a natural processed coffee to our friends at Mighty Peace Coffee, and Linda Mugaruka, Mighty Peace Coffee’s Chief Quality Officer and Agronomy Engineer.

Linda worked her magic in Congo to find a farm with experience in natural processing, since it’s quite rare (more on that below).  In December of 2020 I sampled the Tamu Natural for the first time.  It was incredible coffee.  Originally slotted for a Q1 arrival in the states, harvest delays, the devastating eruption of Mt. Nyiragongo in Goma, and the lack of ships at the port of Tanzania all pushed the arrival back until now.

But it was worth the wait. This is delicious coffee, and exciting coffee for Congo.  In fact, you’ll see a lot more coffee from Congo this year circulating among your favorite roasters due to the incredible work Mighty Peace is doing in Congo.

In the cup, you can expect bright and juicy tangerine notes wrapped up in a strawberry like sweetness.

Context from Mighty Peace Coffee:

“Natural processing in Congo is rare. Not because of capacity and capability but because of negative past experiences. 

Many cooperatives and producers have shared frustrating stories of investing time, money and other resources on producing natural coffee in Congo, only to be left hanging by international buyers who reneged on contracts for those coffees. As a result, there is apprehension on the ground to natural and honey processing as they deem it risky. 

Mighty Peace Coffee made it a risk-free proposition by guaranteeing that we would source the coffee and were committed to being a long-term partner. Tamu will be available every fall moving forward and the community can count on our continued purchases which enables them to plan for the long term and continue to innovate.”