Colombia Saladoblanco Pacamara


We taste: mandarin, marmalade, peony

Grower: 14 producers 

Region: Saladoblanco, huila, colombia 

Altitude: 1750-1900m

Variety: pacamara

Process: washed 


Roasters notes:  I wanted to kickstart our new seasonally focused menu with a fresh arrival from Colombia, and what better way to do that than with a unique varietal that showcases all the experimentation that is happening in Colombia these days.

Pacamara is a hybrid of of Pacas (Bourbon mutation in El Salvador) and Maragogype (Typica mutation found in Maragogipe province of Brazil).  Both varietals on their own aren’t particularly interesting.  When genetically crossed however, they create an entirely new portfolio of flavors.

Coffee genetics are fascinating and ever changing.  New varietals are created for practical reasons (to be disease resistant, produce more fruit using less space, etc.)  and also for flavor reasons.  When varietals like Pacamara come along that present flavors above and beyond the sum of their parts, it’s worth talking about.

I love this coffee.  It’s unique and complex enough to keep your interest, but sweet and rich enough to be a daily drinker.  Bright mandarin citrus notes are wrapped up in a jammy sweet body with subtle floral notes that remind me of peonies and fresh garden flowers.  The aroma is outstanding as well, and your mouth will likely water every time you brew it.  I have really enjoyed brewing it in the Stagg X dripper, but any higher extraction brews will be delicious!

Stagg X recipe:

205* water – 12.5g coffee – 36g bloom for 45 seconds – one slow continual pour until 200g.  Finish brew 2:15