Colombia Juan Felipe Aristizábal 24hr Fermentation


We taste: tropical fruit, banana, caramel 

producer: juan felipe aristizábal 

Region: Region Villamaria, Chinchina and Manizales in Caldas

Altitude: 1800-2100m

Variety: caturra, colombia, castillo 

Process: natural 24hr fermentation 


Roasters notes:  Colombia has consistently produced my favorite natural processed coffees, and this is definitely one of them. Juan Felipe Aristizábal is known as the “alquimist”, taking ripe cherries and experimentally fermenting them to achieve complex flavors.  This particular lot was sealed in tanks and macerated for 24 hours before being dried in the fruit, creating balanced but pronounced fruit notes.  It’s also worth noting the incredibly unique terroir this coffee comes from – Manizales, a place I have been and fallen in love with.  Manizales is a city that sits terraced among the foothills of the Andes mountains, and towering above the city is the stratovolcano Mount Ruiz with an elevation of 17,457 ft.  I nearly summited Ruiz in 2017, drinking coca tea to fight off altitude sickness.  The biodiversity is nearly incomprehensible.  Below is a tropical paradise – banana plantations, hot springs, and parrots soaring by.  Above are the snowcapped Andes.  The elevation alone contributes to flavors often attributed to East African coffees.  Easy to brew, you can expect flavors of tropical fruit with a banana and caramel like sweetness.  Delicious.