Colombia Chachagüí La Paz Macerated Natural


We taste: mango, tropical fruit, brown sugar

Grower: Juan Francisco alfonzo ortiz sepulveda

Region: Chachagüí, Nariño, colombia

Altitude: 1975m

Variety: colombia

Process: macerated in air tight containers for 4 days prior to drying on raised beds 

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Roasters notes: This is one of my favorite naturals in recent memory.  Intense fruitiness, intense sugars, and very clean.  Juan Francisco Alfonzo Ortiz Sepulveda harvested and processed this coffee on his farm, La Paz, in Chachagüí Colombia.  He incorporates a new fermentation technique that involves bagging the full cherries after harvesting and allowing them to macerate and ferment for 4 days before drying.  This not only adds some pleasant tartness to the cup, but really amps up the fruit flavors.  A multitude of tropical fruits can be tasted in the cup, but mango stands out to me the most.  The sugars are intense as well, think Kool-Aid or Hi-C in terms of sweetness.  

I prefer this coffee at higher extractions, so be sure to try it out in flat bottom brewers or as an intensely fruity espresso!

Price transparency: “…Through Azahar, countless farms and communities are being uncovered and sold globally with traceability not experienced before. For this lot, Juan Francisco Alfonso Ortiz Sepulveda was paid 1,150,000 COP per carga (unprocessed, dried cherry), which converts to roughly $2.59 per pound paid directly to the farmer prior to processing and export.”  Royal Coffee