Colombia Casablanca Gesha


We taste: pink lemonade, cherry, floral

producer: Liliana caballero rojas

Region: santander, colombia

Altitude: 1550m

Variety: gesha

Process: double fermented, washed, dried at a controlled temperature 


Roasters notes: The Gesha varietal is famed for its wonderful cup characteristics, and if you had our Panama Esmeralda Gesha last year, you can attest to its deliciousness.  Due to its low yielding nature, and therefore its inability to be commercialized at scale, the Gesha varietal always fetches a high price – sometimes as much as $1,000 a pound.  I’m always on the lookout for Gesha’s that are price accessible while still maintaining incredible cup quality.  The sweet spot before the law of diminishing returns kicks in.  This coffee, produced by Liliana Caballero Rojas, is one of those coffees.  Tasting like pink lemonade and sparkling cherry juice, it offers plenty in the way of mouth watering juiciness while maintaining the classic tea like floral notes in the background.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this coffee with 1:15 ratio filter brews, which highlights its vibrancy and introduces more sweetness into the cup.