Burundi Musumba Hill


We taste: Apricot, lemongrass, caramel 

producer: 245 farmers organized around the bukeye washing station

Region: muramvya province, burundi 

Altitude: 1800-1900m

Variety: bourbon

Process: double washed 


Roasters notes:  This is an atypical and unique Burundi from Long Miles Coffee Project’s Bukeye washing station, an epicenter of innovation and quality in the region.  Smallholder family farms from the surrounding hills bring cherry to Bukeye for processing, this one being from Musumba Hill, an 8km journey traversed by foot. 

I’ll admit, I was caught off guard when I first tried this coffee.  I’m used to bright citric acids from Burundi coffee with spice and cherry notes.  By comparison, this coffee exhibited a much more elegant and delicate flavor profile with a naturally low acidity and a juicy, viscous body.  At first sip I picked up notes of apricot, white grape, and lemongrass.  The finish is heavy and sweet like caramel and molasses and sits on the pallet for quite some time.  Lingering peach and apricot are also present. 

On filter, expect a delicate and complex brew.  But, if you’re able, try this coffee on espresso where I found incredible texture and a pronounced peachiness in the finish.  Truly a special coffee from Burundi, all due to the incredible work Long Miles is doing in the region!