Bolivia Jeivert Pañuni Natural


We taste: vanilla, brown sugar, oolong tea

Grower: jeivert pañuni

Region: Irupana municipality, La Paz Department, Bolivia

Altitude: 1800m

Variety: caturra, catuai

Process: traditional natural


Roasters notes: Bolivia.  What an interesting coffee producing country, and one I don’t cross paths with too often. In fact, this is only my second time ever having Bolivian coffee. Don’t expect intense fruit flavors like those found in our Colombia Chachagüí.  This is a very different natural.
Drinking this coffee in context  of origin and terroir is where its uniqueness shines.  Altitude is the primary variable effecting its taste – being grown at 1800m on the unshaded slopes of the Andes, this coffee drinks similarly to an Ethiopian.  Tea like in viscosity and ever so slightly floral, you can truly taste the influence of elevation. Tasting like oolong tea sweetened with vanilla and condensed milk, this is an easy going everyday brew for those early summer mornings.

From the importer: “This coffee is a naturally processed microlot from Jeivert Pañuni, a single farmer member of San Juan. Jeivert’s farm is south of Caranavi in the Irupana municipality. It is also hundreds of meters higher in elevation. Being so high, cherry maturation is slowed greatly, and his coffee trees tend to require an extra month or two of picking compared to farmers further down. This, despite having less overall shade on his farm than is typical for the region; in fact, none at all. Instead, the high and cloudy climate tempers the coffee’s exposure to the elements.” – Royal Coffee